Fishing Tackle & Supplies

The Ships Chandler started with fishing tackle and grew into the boat business – that’s how we started. Before the recession and during the boom we carried less tackle because the boats were so good. We found during the recession and during the Horizon Oil Spill that we needed to go back to our roots to get ends met. It worked and we found we missed the fishermen and friends coming in talking fishing and telling stories. Charter boat captains and mates came in quickly because we knew what they wanted and if it wasn’t in stock, with just a request, would stock it. This is a professional tackle shop and we sell to commercial fishermen, charter boats and tournament fishermen. Use this to your advantage. You can come in and get the current action, the tackle you need, not just something you were sold. Crews that shop here are friendly and will also answer questions and you are welcome to just listen in.

Another thing, we encourage a customer to bring their rods and reels in and let us take a look at it before you buy.

We also build custom tackle and have the components along with many rod blanks to choose from.

Outfitting is needed by some folks after they buy their first boat. This is also where a customer can get hammered by getting sold and told what they need. We don’t do that. We want to see what you have first and then find out what you would like to fish for and then get you started on a recommended starter kit. We would rather see you come in several times to get outfitted so we can go through what you have experienced so far. You may find out you like fishing for a certain kind of fish and have no interest in something you could spend thousands on. We respect the kind of money you are looking to spend and don’t want you to make a mistake.

We have tackle to catch everything from Blue Marlin to a Flounder or a Speckled Trout. We have it in stock with a lot of back up. The best and most respected brands – bait like ballyhoo, squid, mullet and cigar minnows. Lots of bait that is seasonal for a fish run that is happening now.

In the end, The Ships Chandler is the oldest tackle and marine business in the Panhandle. We have helped many other stores around the gulf with the knowledge to get started. So if we can help the competition with the knowledge to get started just think what we could do to help you. Our goal is to earn your confidence so we can earn your business.