Boat Dealership: High-Performance Fishing & Pontoon Boat Sales

We sell customized and factory rigged recreational boats used primarily for fishing in the Destin area. The new high performance fishing & pontoon boat brands we carry are HEWES, MAVERICK, PATHFINDER and SOUTH BAY.

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Destin Fishing Tackle & High-Performance Boat Sales Since 1980

One of the best things we are known for is the custom rigging and thinking out of the box when it comes to our customer’s needs. We rig boats with the thoughts of a customer and their family. It’s sometimes difficult to go the extra mile because of the blow back from a factory and their production but that is precisely why we choose the brands we do.

We also have a service department that realizes that you want to use your boat and not have it sit in a repair shop for weeks. We work by appointment on service jobs but have the flexibility to assist when an emergency pops up and needs immediate attention. We do what is needed to ensure that you and your family can use your boat.

Would you like a new boat or need servicing but are too busy to come to us? Many of our customers are busy. We will come to you! Yes, there’s a charge for this, but ask us what it would be and you might feel it’s well worth the extra service fee.

We sell Yamaha engines and are a Yamaha package boat dealer. We also have a wide selection of Yamaha parts in stock – so wide that other dealers are coming in all the time to get parts from us. Parts that are not in stock are usually ready for pick up the next day.

We also do a tremendous Yamaha repower business and are the oldest Yamaha Repower Center in the area. Yamaha has our CSI rating at 98%-100%, not because we coach our customers how to fill out a survey, but because we are just that thoughtful and good! We have in-stock engines from 2.5HP all the way to 300HP, and if we just so happen to be out, we can have the engine in quickly at no extra charge.

Finally, we are a premier Yamaha Outboard Warranty Center.

We are also known for helping customers that have bought boats from another dealer. We have found that most dealers do not explain the equipment, engine and boat to the customer and their families. We are happy to do so with no hesitation, just as if we had sold the boat to you.

Take a look at our current fishing & pontoon boat and Yamaha outboard inventory and let us know how we can help you.